Atom Heart Mother

Pink Floyd

Alan Parsons – engineering (misspelled as "Allan Parsons" on the original sleeve)
"I was very impressed with Atom Heart Mother, which I was asked to mix," he recalled. "It was a good move for me to get involved with Floyd, doing that kind of thing."
- Source:  Cunningham, Mark (January 1995). "The other side of the moon". Making Music. p. 18.

Tape operator Alan Parsons, who would later help engineer The Dark Side Of The Moon, recalled the time an executive dropped by the studio.
“Floyd had a general aversion to record company people,” Parsons said. “An A&R guy showed up and Roger and Ron said, ‘We’ll play you a bit of the album.’”
Prior to his arrival, they’d hidden a turntable under the desk and proceeded to play an old 78rpm disc through the studio speakers. The A&R man looked baffled and walked out. “But we were all unable to keep a straight face.”
We all have our insecurities. I thought it was one of the brilliant gems.
- From the article, "Pink Floyd: The Story Behind Atom Heart Mother" by Mark Blake